Our multi award winning BIM team’s experience and utilisation continues to grow with the construction industry and alinea.


They, led by Richard Bates, are architecturally trained and have developed our ‘hands on’ approach. Our proven ability enables us to truly utilise the BIM; harvest accurate, validated quantities and areas for use throughout the project and advance the relationship between BIM and Procurement. The improved coordination, clarity and mitigation of risk, means more robust returns from the market.

We actively promote BIM methodology whenever possible; it’s a fully integrated part of the alinea approach. The benefits to projects and clients are immense; the level of coordination and accuracy of the design and data to accessibility and opportunity for value over the lifetime of the asset.

Our relationship, knowledge, guidance & advice with project teams constantly evolves; achieving successful BIM data production enabling alignment of design and cost for utilisation in estimating and procurement.

Design / Visualise / Simulate & Analyse / Document / Deliver

For more information, contact: Richard.Bates@alineaconsulting.com

Read our BIM Reports

BIM | Model Development Plan

January 2016

Our guidance on Building Information Modelling.

BIM | Will it cost me more?

February 2015

The simple answer: no! Read more about it here.

View report (PDF)
BIM | What is it and why should I do it?

February 2015

BIM is a process not software; software is an enabler to the process. Read more about it here.

View report (PDF)

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