One of alinea’s strengths is that we have a market leading in-house specialist MEP team.


Due to MEP services being a significant part of any construction project (typically accounting for 25-30% of the overall construction costs) we at alinea understand the importance of this and as a result 15% of our fee earners are dedicated MEP specialists.

Our MEP team ensure each project has real MEP focus from the outset, working with the client and design team to ensure the right design solution is found.

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Smart Buildings – Smart Enablement

July 2019

This article aims to show that a smart building is not dependent on a large capital expenditure during the base build construction. Through a well-thought-out design, staged procurement and testing process, the building can be “smart enabled” to deliver the defined and future smart use cases.

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Cost Model Services for Tall Buildings

April 2018

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are a particular challenge for tall buildings, with their own considerations and commercial drivers. We outlined the factors and costs for office buildings in an article for Building Magazine published on 23.02.2018. View here >>

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Our MEP team | Who we are

September 2017

15% of alinea's fee earning employees are dedicated MEP specialists. Take a look at who is on the team!

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