We believe that knowledge and research should be at the heart of everything we do.


The economy can be volatile and it is our determination and duty to provide clear evidence in order to produce sound cost advice to clients. Through our dedicated research team we track the market drivers and effects every week, regularly presenting our data and evidence that informs our view, and working alongside our QS team to analyse cost movements throughout the year.

The true art of questioning is to discover not what someone doesn’t know, but what they are capable of knowing.

– Albert Einstein

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City Plan 2036 | A summary

November 2018

On Tuesday 13th November the City of London released their Local City Plan for the City setting out a strategy for the next few years. We’ve now finished summing up the 219 page document in to a much more manageable 6. View article here >>

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Construction Methods Modular

November 2018

Modular construction is touted as the future of the building industry, but while the sector is rapidly growing in some areas, there are still obstacles to overcome. In this article we assess the pros and cons of volumetric offsite construction. View article here >>

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alinea reviews the Budget

October 2018

alinea’s review of the 2018 Budget and what it means for property and construction. View article here >>

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