Market Report January 2018 | The best of times, the worst of times

February 2018

Our latest Market Report is entitled: ‘The best of times, the worst of times’. This reflects the recent and developing mix of buoyant activity in and outside London, amid the general Brexit gloom and nervousness. Our forecast for the next two years is driven by real input cost pressures, with evidenced ...

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Market Report July 2017 | Unsteady as she goes

July 2017

Our latest Market Report's title is Unsteady as She Goes, reflecting the pervasive uncertainty in politics and economics that has been heightened by the General Election, and the ensuing shakiness of our government. There is a curious mix of activity and caution in the construction activity, with some significant projects moving forwards and ...

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Market Report March 2017 | Bright lights, dark shadows

March 2017

Following a year of shocks and surprises, underlying uncertainty is set to continue as Brexit negotiations commence, Continental Europe is beset by a series of votes and the world contends with the tension between globalisation and some protectionist rhetoric. Against this backdrop, the UK's construction industry will look to meet ...

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