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Market Report July 2018 | There must be a better way

July 2018

We outline our current view of construction price inflation, and at least as importantly, our take on the fundamental issues that the industry faces, and how we can all play our part in addressing them. View the Market Report here >>

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Market Report July 2017 | Unsteady as she goes

July 2017

Our latest Market Report's title is Unsteady as She Goes, reflecting the pervasive uncertainty in politics and economics that has been heightened by the General Election, and the ensuing shakiness of our government. There is a curious mix of activity and caution in the construction activity, with some significant projects moving forwards and ...

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Market Report March 2017 | Bright lights, dark shadows

March 2017

Following a year of shocks and surprises, underlying uncertainty is set to continue as Brexit negotiations commence, Continental Europe is beset by a series of votes and the world contends with the tension between globalisation and some protectionist rhetoric. Against this backdrop, the UK’s construction industry will look to meet the requirements of the current market, with significant schemes being built out and a buoyant affordable housing sector demanding attention and resources – whilst other parts of the market soften.

Our new market paper, Bright Lights, Dark Shadows, explores these factors.

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