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BIM+ & Construction Manager Magazine Digital Construction Summit

May 2019

Wednesday 15 May Associate and BIM Specialist Richard Bates, attends the BIM+ & Construction Manager Magazine Digital Construction Summit. The Digital in Construction Summit will provide a full day of thought provoking seminar sessions catering for all levels. BIM has already saved the UK construction industry and its clients over £2bn. Digital ...

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BIM Show Live in Newcastle-Upon Tyne

February 2019

Today associate and BIM Specialist Richard Bates attends BIM Show Live in Newcastle-Upon Tyne. BIM Show Live brings digital construction content to life and is revolutionising the technological delivery of BIM. This is a two-day conference, with specialist technology-led content, four keynote speakers and 32 seminar sessions, where we will be addressing ...

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BIM at Kingston University

January 2019

21st January, alinea Associate and BIM Specialist, Richard Bates will be guest lecturer at Kingston University. He will be talking to MSc students about his experience with BIM, including the benefits of its usage to the QS. He will also be demonstrating some of the software we use to make ...

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