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A successful project

September 2016

We will assist the team from the outset in designing and developing the right product for the right price, efficiently and effectively exploring alternatives and considering other ways.

We are the custodians of cost, risk and value.

We are clear that our over-arching role is to provide certainty of outcome on cost; this we will do, by focusing on the ‘knitting’ of cost management and leveraging our experience, market insight and asset class knowledge.

The alinea way

Stage One – Prepare

Our key objectives for this stage are successful project enablement and budget definition. It is a high intellect phase that relies upon strategic advice, insight and knowledge to create certainty: to establish the right elemental/ package budgets, influence the brief and understand the project risks.

We appreciate that the commercial success of the project will rely upon treating all aspects of it with equal reverence – the public realm and supporting infrastructure is critical in delivering the product.

Key deliverables for us are cost modelling, cost option/value analysis reports and ‘should-cost’ estimating that is aligned to specific client requirements and the project. We will programme in the appropriate interventions, timed to ensure that they do not disrupt the creative design process, but generate the ideas and value which enhance the overall project.
Our commercial focus is not limited to big ticket items – we believe in the aggregation of marginal gains, by understanding where we can improve performance.

Stage Two – Design

This stage requires a robust approach to managing the development of the design within the established parameters and gateway control. Our reporting will be tailored to client requirements to aid the decision making process – clear, precise and in meaningful language. The project Cost Plan must have buy in from the entire team. We engage with designers: we want the team to understand the cost plan. We will guide them with a “hand on the shoulder” approach, consulting when the cost plan is at a draft status.
We possess close relationships with the supply chain, but we do not overly rely upon market testing which we feel has the potential to generate high pricing.

Steve Mudie, our Façades specialist, will spend time with AHMM, helping them to refine their design to align with the budget whilst maintaining performance.

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