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BIM | Are we ready to trust the data?

March 2018

It is taken as a given that the logic of BIM is irrefutable and that it is a matter of time before BIM is established as the default design process on construction projects. The alinea BIM team have therefore penned a piece that focuses on the practicalities of BIM from a cost consultant’s perspective. Originally published with Building Magazine, it explores a theme of data and how we can gain trust in it.

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The future of offices

January 2019

Values in the workplace are changing, which in turn means that what occupiers want from an office building is also evolving rapidly. Here alinea with Henigan Consulting Group outline the key issues and how the battle for tenants is now being fought by both traditional and flexible providers. View article here ...

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The alinea Forum | Unlocking the Potential of Modular Construction

October 2018

On Thursday 25th October, we held our 4th alinea Forum, “Unlocking the potential of Modular Construction.” alinea Partner Alex Hyams and Ed McCann from Expedition Engineering spoke on modular construction, discussing its benefits, the barriers to implementation, its success stories and its future in the construction industry. It was a great evening!

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