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  • Market Report July 2018 | There must be a better way

Market Report July 2018 | There must be a better way

July 2018

We outline our current view of construction price inflation, and at least as importantly, our take on the fundamental issues that the industry faces, and how we can all play our part in addressing them.

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Our latest Market Report: Holding Pattern

July 2019

The report is called Holding Pattern which outlines our current view of inflation in construction prices and our view on the wider issues affecting construction. Carrying on from our report earlier this year, it appears that there is still an appetite for construction but in time of continued uncertainty and ...

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Smart Buildings – Smart Enablement

July 2019

This article aims to show that a smart building is not dependent on a large capital expenditure during the base build construction. Through a well-thought-out design, staged procurement and testing process, the building can be “smart enabled” to deliver the defined and future smart use cases. View here >>  

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