Our approach is founded on the complementary skills, experience and personalities of our people, with some key principles that are important to us:

It’s personal

We guarantee hands-on senior input and the protective/proactive backing of a Shadow Partner on every project. More than that, it’s a personal service from every person at alinea in that we all care, and apply care to every aspect of our work.


We can be fast and responsive not only through an ingrained attitude but also because of our knowledge and service excellence agendas. We share our experiences and thoughts so that we can all represent the brains of the business.

Staying ahead

We remain close to the market so that we can stay ahead of it. Behind this is a commitment to continual improvement, and the persistent application of knowledge.


A cliché, but we’ll keep saying it, because it’s the difference between success and failure. Our openness, challenging natures, humility and our dedication to research all promote teamwork, and of finding better ways of doing things – together.


Our passion for the job underpins our determination to positively influence – to get the right product for the right price.


Excellence is a value that we don’t mind repeating; everything we do is driven by it. This focus is made possible by our unwillingness to compromise on the quality of our people.


We continue to build for the long term, with a critical mass of good people, a set of robust systems and a commitment to progress that will ensure an enduring business.


The project, the project, the project. Nothing will distract us from this focus.

Aligned for Success

September 2016

Our experience reinforces the notion that the success of projects is driven, more than anything, by the way a project is set up and managed.

This relies on the team working together towards a clear and understood goal and a Workshop is the first step on the way to achieving this.

The over-riding objectives of the workshop are to build a common understanding of the aims of the project, agree the key success factors, identify potential obstacles and ideas for improvements, bringing together each of the team members’ perspectives.

The workshop will be framed around our aligned for success approach i.e. a Why | What | How review of the key factors that all need to be addressed to ensure success.

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A successful project

September 2016

We will assist the team from the outset in designing and developing the right product for the right price, efficiently and effectively exploring alternatives and considering other ways. We are the custodians of cost, risk and value. We are clear that our over-arching role is to provide certainty of outcome on cost; ...

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Our approach

February 2016

Our approach is all about the team, and helping to ensure that the project enjoys success through collaboration.

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