We are clear in our focus on cost consultancy, with a resolute aim to be the best in that field.


Our services are driven by the ultimate objective of delivering the right product for the right price. With this purpose in mind, there are three fundamental facets to achieving the best price for the right product:

Getting the budget right 

Robust enough to avoid latent difficulties but without waste and at a level that sweats the future asset for value.

Buying smartly

Presenting an attractive scheme to the right supply chain in an effective way.

Controlling costs

From the outset: actively, with speed and clarity

The sweet spot of success across all three facets is what defines our service, and provides certainty of outcome.
The many components of what we do, from aligned-for-success workshops (to help set up projects correctly) to managing final accounts with no surprises, all deliver this over-riding objective.


Our services | Tools and deliverables

February 2016

alinea prides itself in having the tools and deliverables to effectively drive results.

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Our focus

January 2016

Our focus is strong and undiluted: we do not stray from our core offer of delivering the right product for the right price.

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IPMS Offices | Measurement of floor areas

December 2015

The RICS International Property Measurement Standard establishes a new, global, uniform approach to floor area measurement and reporting. The intention is to establish a consistent approach, irrespective of geography. Outside the UK, different approaches to COMP6 have historically been the local market norm. IPMS Offices will be the adopted RICS ‘code’ ...

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